Our Work

Working in partnership with brands

Working with Story10 has enabled us to use creative storytelling to draw people’s attention to all aspects.


Distributing event content, including race action clips and pre-and post-race reaction, the partnership sees us showcase SailGP content in front of our engaged international network of 400+ media outlets across broadcast, digital and social, driving awareness and increasing the profile of the second season globally. All distribution underpinned with performance data and insights, allows SailGP to tailor their content and demonstrate real value to their sponsors.

Extreme E

The main focus for our partnership with Extreme E is to drive awareness and increase the profile of all the aspects of the series, by delivering race highlights and other feature content across our global media network. All distribution underpinned with usage and insights data, allows Extreme E to tailor their content strategy and demonstrate value to their stakeholders.

Thrill One

As part of a new content partnership with Thrill One, Story10 distributed highlights of four freestyle motocross riders landing the world’s first double backflip train ahead of the Nitro World Games in Brisbane later this year. Distributing the video via our global media network proved effective in driving real-time consumption and building anticipation via some of the industry’s most established names, including Al Jazeera, CCTV and ESPN, as well as increasing exposure in markets such as China, India, Qatar, Russia and Spain.


Partnering with the UCI to distribute race highlights and interview reaction from the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Verona, with the aim of this content distribution to increase awareness of the BMX ahead of the Olympics. Our global distribution network proved effective in significantly increasing exposure of the event worldwide. Action from Verona was covered by many media organisations – national broadcasters, digital services and international channels – successfully increasing event exposure globally and creating connections with audiences.

Royal Ascot

Working with Royal Ascot to produce and distribute two different strands of content around the event – the core racing element and lifestyle, which highlighted the outfits, hats, celebrities, and The Royal Family. Our engaged network of broadcasters, digital and social channels proved extremely effective in increasing the event's exposure globally with the curated lifestyle content adding a new dimension to coverage and targeted PR driving real value for sponsors in key markets.


Helping to amplify the launch of their new competition Exa Series and its sponsorship partner IWC. With the crossover of sport and technology, the team implemented a varied content strategy, allowing for increased exposure via our expanded distribution network of broadcast, digital and social channels, ultimately driving awareness and engagement with both sports and technology audiences globally.