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DP World Influencer Partnerships - The Jazzy Golfer

Amplify the DP World Championship's global presence and awareness by harnessing the influence of The Jazzy Golfer through Story10

Influencer Partnerships


Story10 expanded its partnership with DP World to amplify the DP World Tour Championships to a wider audience across social media. With access to a network of over 7.5 million influencers, Story10 worked with DP World to establish their goals and campaign objectives, selecting Jasmine, widely known as The Jazzy Golfer (@thejazzygolfer), to collaborate with, creating original content, specifically targeted to succeed with her followers and deliver genuine authenticity.

The Jazzy Golfer launched her social media presence in 2017 to chronicle her journey as a novice golfer, emphasising golf as an inclusive sport for everyone. Her content aims to entertain, educate, and inspire, advocating for increased participation by women and juniors in the game.

Working alongside the Story10 and DP World production teams as an ambassador at the DP World Championship in Dubai, Jasmine highlighted engaging initiatives, such as the DP World golf ball container and showcased the overall event throughout the week.

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Key Objectives

Key objectives driving DP World’s partnership with Story10 and The Jazzy Golfer:

  • Maximise international exposure of DP World branded videos across select social media platforms, introducing the brand to previously untapped audiences.
  • Amplify messaging around key initiatives, from improving grassroots golf to sustainability, highlighting the positive change DP World continues to drive.
  • Increase engagement by bringing fans closer to the action with authentic branded content through Story10’s influencer collaborations.

Our Approach

Campaign management

Story10 worked with The Jazzy Golfer to create social-first feature stories highlighting key initiatives at the DP World Championship event in Dubai, to ensure increased exposure and awareness for DP World.

Targeted distribution

The DP World feature stories were distributed across The Jazzy Golfer’s social channels including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, pushing the partner content directly into the hands of her 66.5k following, along with countless other golf fans worldwide.

Social Media Analytics

Story10 presented DP World with in-depth engagement insights achieved by The Jazzy Golfer's posts. This helped them to understand the campaign's effectiveness and which content gained the most traction with audiences, enabling them to tailor future strategies and content messaging for increased success.

Our Coverage

  • Feature event stories showcasing the extraordinary sustainability initiatives of the multinational logistics company.
  • DP World Championship’s memorable moments from the perspective of an avid golfer, to increase exposure and create authentic excitement around the events.
  • Short clips promoting heightened involvement of women and juniors in the sport.


100k story views on Instagram

A global reach of 500k

Content distributed across The Jazzy Golfer social channels had a total of 212k views

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Maximise global exposure of DP World Championship Dubai 2023, reaching untapped markets and fans

Story10 collaborated with The Jazzy Golfer on behalf of DP World to distribute content at optimal times to maximise exposure of the DP World Tour Championship, helping DP World reach new and existing audiences.

Jasmine’s genuine passion for the sport enhanced the authenticity of the partnership, elevating DP World's profile, building brand credibility, and expanding reach to both new and existing audiences.

Drive female interest and participation in golf

Through the collaboration with The Jazzy Golfer, Story10 distributed content that would appeal to both beginner and experienced female golfers, emphasising the inclusivity of the sport, and contributing to DP World's mission to inspire the next generation.

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