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Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO)

Increase international exposure and awareness of the PTO’s key events and campaigns throughout 2022

Production, Distribution and Reporting


The PTO is a new sports body, co-owned by professional athletes, seeking to elevate and grow the sport of Triathlon and take it to the next level. The PTO’s model is unique amongst rights holders. Part event owner, media broadcaster, trade union and entrepreneurial business all-in-one, it has attracted funding from Silicon Valley mainstay Sir Michael Moritz. The inaugural PTO Tour in 2022 created a series of high profile, high prize fund races which included the PTO Canadian Open, Collins Cup and PTO US Open. Women and men competed over a new 100km distance (2km swim, 80km bike and 18km run), creating a world-class environment for the best professional triathletes to go head-to-head. The events also included opportunities for amateurs to race on the same courses.

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Key Objectives

Key objectives driving the PTO’s partnership with Story10:

  • Maximise international exposure of the PTO and its events, reaching untapped markets and fans.
  • Increase global awareness of the PTO’s commitment to heightened prize money, gender parity and sustainability.
  • Improved profile of key athletes and rising stars.
  • Enhanced image and value for sponsors, partners and fans, placing the PTO as an innovative and trusted sporting brand.

Our PTO Content

Our Approach

Newsgathering production

Story10 has been working with the PTO since August 2021, sending crews to training camps and its races around the world, including the PTO Canadian Open (Edmonton), the Collins Cup (Bratislava) and the PTO US Open (Dallas). Story10’s crews on the ground then produced shoulder content and feature stories around non-event initiatives, including gender equality, extending the PTO’s news lifecycle and generating exposure and awareness throughout the year.

Global distribution

Our feature video stories for the PTO were distributed via Story10’s global network of over 400 media organisations across broadcast, digital and social. We amplified the content via our unique network of owned and earned media, pushing the branded news stories directly into the sports news desks of media outlets worldwide.

Detailed reporting 

Story10 provides data analysis of all videos distributed via our network. We provided the PTO with granular reporting and insight to identify territory-specific usage, engagement trends and media exposure achieved.

Our coverage
  • 2022 PTO Tour event highlights to increase the exposure and excitement around the events.
  • Feature stories on key PTO initiatives including equal pay and a new ‘paid leave’ maternity policy, as well as athlete interviews and insights from each location, bringing fans closer to the action.
  • Interviews with well-known athletes, rising stars and PTO execs, discussing the success of the PTO’s events and initiatives.


52 markets reached across 88 media organisations

$602k ad value equivalency ($)

1.1m video plays on social media

29k engagements with sports fans on social media


Maximised international exposure of the PTO and its events to existing and new audiences

Story10 distributed content at optimal times to increase exposure of the PTO Tour’s three premier events with the overall number of media organisations to use PTO videos increasing from 23 to 88 throughout the season. Event highlights accounted for 54% of total video usage, with PTO content being used more than ten times by ESPN (USA), Formosa TV (Taiwan), Kuwait TV (Taiwan), SABC (South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa) and TRT (Turkey) increasing their reach to new and existing audiences.

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Increased global awareness of the PTO’s commitment to increased prize money, gender parity and sustainability for professional triathletes

Story10 were on the ground to build an engaging narrative to increase global awareness around the PTO’s key initiatives from heightened prize money, gender parity and sustainability for professional triathletes. The news stories accounted for 46% of total video usage, with the content being used in a variety of different markets including Spain, the UAE, South Africa, Taiwan, India, the UK, Colombia, and Mexico showcasing PTO and its initiatives to an expanded international audience.

Enhanced image and value for sponsors, partners and fans

Through the authentic production and distribution of content by Story10’s earned media network of news desks; the PTO has started to establish itself as a credible and innovative sports body.

“During our first-ever professional season of the PTO Tour, we needed a partner who could help tell and then amplify our story and those of our superhuman professional triathletes. The team at Story10 got that and through their powerful network of broadcasters, started to give them the global platform and recognition they deserve. We look forward to doing more with them in 2023.”

Chief Marketing Officer, PTO