Story10's webinar messaging with purpose – engaging fans globally with industry experts

On Thursday 1 July, Story10 Managing Director, James Dobbs was joined by, Kimberley Bailey, Head of Partnerships (Laureus), Jo Diamond, Partnerships Director (W Series) and Mike Mainwaring, Head of Sponsorships (Cazoo) for a panel discussion on Messaging with Purpose – engaging sports fans globally. View the discussion below.

They discussed the importance of driving change through sport, focusing on key overarching pillars: Diversity, Sustainability, Community and Women in Sport.

Below are some key points from the panel discussion:

Why sport is the right vehicle to amplify messaging

Sport, in some form or another, is a passion for a large section of the global population, and unlike industries such as music, it comes with a huge broadcast capability, which means that, for brands, it provides an easy and accessible platform to reach a large section of their target market.

Choosing the right partnerships is key

Choosing the right partnership is no longer just about a badging exercise it’s about being relatable, it’s about being able to provide a narrative with that partner, educate fans and tell a story that benefits both the sport and the sponsor. For example, W Series partnering with F1 provides a real platform to amplify the message and inspire the next generation of female motorsport stars.

Who is driving this change?

First, there are the sports stars who are driving that change, they understand better than ever the important platform and voice for change they can provide, from highlighting women’s sport to climate change. There is also now a real societal shift and consumers have an appetite for purpose, in particular, younger generations are wanting to be a real force for making purpose-led changes and this is important for brands and federations to take note of.

Being authentic

Brands can no longer just jump on the bandwagon of the ‘message of the moment', with the power consumers now have brands are much quicker to be called out for simply showing a message rather than putting in the work at the grassroots level really driving the change.

It’s not just the brands that need to be authentic it is important for sports stars to remember that if they are going to be a force for change, that the message they are portraying is true to themselves and aligns with their core values, otherwise consumers are going to see straight through it.

The value of data and insights

Data and insights are an extremely important part of the process of purpose-led messaging. Although a brand or federation may create authentic and engaging content, if it is not being seen by the right audiences on the right platforms then it will simply get drowned out in the crowd by an increasingly busy landscape.

How we can help

If you are looking to amplify your purpose-led messaging, as the world’s largest sports video distribution network, Story10 is in the perfect position to help you. We connect brands and federations to an engaged global sports audience through authentic storytelling, helping you reach your target audience on any platform, in real-time. To find out more about how Story10 can help put your brand at the heart of the global sports conversation.

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