WATCH: 2022’s unmissable sporting events: The biggest ad opportunity in a generation

On Thursday 28 April, Story10's Managing Director, James Dobbs took part in the panel 2022’s unmissable sporting events: The biggest ad opportunity in a generation. View the discussion below.

Chaired by John Ayling & Associates, James was joined by panellists from Vodafone and Asahi Europe & International, where they discussed how marketers can cut through the noise, the opportunities presented by a first Winter World Cup, what success looks like for a brand and how can brands rethink their budget requirements.

Here are our key takeaways from the panel discussion:

Capitalising on this year's sports event opportunities

From a brand perspective, especially for those where product consumption is seasonal, it is an amazing opportunity to connect with people and stretch out communications. Ultimately it is a great chance to leverage these great sports-related events and get on a large platform to increase brand awareness.

The importance for brands to cut through in such a busy schedule

For most brands, sports sponsorship activations in the summer months are quite large campaigns that are tried and tested, whereas this year the Winter World Cup brings challenges, especially with brands that are not instantly recognisable as being football related. Media plans in Q4 may also have to be revised to ensure brand messages cut through the noise, taking into account the inflated cost of TV and utilising other media channels to reach audiences. 

How brands are leveraging opportunities from a production perspective

The World Cup regardless of whether it's in Summer or Winter is a big event for all. Due to it coinciding with Q4 this time round, brands are thinking more ambitiously about what they can do differently this year.

Non-official partners are focused more on the athletes themselves, their journey and what it means to them to represent their country, giving a more human narrative and connection. This type of content can be activated months before the event as well as during and after, extending the life cycle of a brands activation to more than just the 4 weeks of the main event.

The timing of campaigns is important

Predictions are that World Cup related campaigns may start earlier, possibly in October with them spread across numerous months. Therefore, linear TV will be a hot marketplace with price inflation starting early, sparking concerns about costs and how brands effectively cut through to make the most of their media spend and make sure their message lands.

Another knock-on effect of having a Winter World Cup starting in late November, is that it creates an opportunity for other brand activation campaigns during the summer around events such as the Women’s EUROs and the Commonwealth Games.

Vast opportunities in Women’s sports

Now there is an increased focus on getting a balance right when it comes to sponsorship, with more brands focussing on those sports properties that are inclusive of men’s and women’s participation.

There is almost a ‘Chicken and Egg’ scenario in order for women’s sports to succeed. You need an audience for broadcasters to buy in, but you also need sponsors to fund the events and teams. Women’s sport is still in its growth stage and the biggest hurdle is that it needs more media presence to build a fan base. Women’s sports properties are more open, collaborative and eager to work with brands on a partnership level to create more engaging campaigns compared to more traditional male sports.

How we can help

If you are looking to amplify your marketing campaigns around this year’s major sporting events, as the world’s largest sports video distribution network, Story10 is in the perfect position to help you.

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