Proudly supporting the Boro Rangers Under 12 Girls' Soccer Team

Story10 continues to support the Boro Rangers Red under 12 girls’ soccer team.

The England Lionesses EURO’s win and their appearance in the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Final has brought women's football into the spotlight, giving players the recognition they deserve and leaving behind a lasting legacy. 

This year’s FIFA Women's World Cup was deemed the most successful in history, with a record-breaking 1.97 million fans watching the 64 matches from the stands [1]. The remarkable displays of skill and athleticism have served as a source of inspiration for a new generation of players and Story10 are pleased to play a small part in this growing momentum by supporting the Boro Rangers Red Under 12 girls’ soccer team. 

"Interest in women’s sports is growing at a meteoric pace." [2]

Boro Rangers have built upon their success from last season and remain undefeated after 6 matches so far this season. We are very much looking forward to seeing their progress as the season unfolds, being the last playing 9v9 soccer before moving up to a full-size pitch and 11v11 matches. 

Best of luck team! 

At Story10 we're always striving to work with our partners involved in women’s sport, to create authentic news stories, that work alongside event action – shining a light on female athletes and their achievements. Read our article on Supercharging the visibility of Women's sport. 


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