Story10 partners with SportsPro Media to provide production and global distribution for the SportsPro 50 Most Marketable

SportsPro, the world's leading international media company for the sports industry in print, digital and events, has partnered with Story10, the audience engagement network, to help increase global exposure of this year’s SportsPro 50 Most Marketable lists for athletes, brands and properties.

Now in its 12th year, SportsPro’s 50 Most Marketable (50MM) platform, which enables sports marketers to make sponsorship decisions more quickly and intelligently, uses the application of in-depth data analysis, advanced social media monitoring, and real-world consumer insights to identify not only the most established marketable athletes, but also the next generation of stars waiting in the wings ready to take their place. After last year’s successful expansion, 2021 will again include two additional top 50 lists, for brands and properties – the latter covering leagues, teams as well as major events globally. The 50MM Athletes list will be announced on 23rd August, with the brands list to follow in September and properties list to launch in October.

The partnership will see Story10 shoot and produce real-time sports news stories, including interviews with key athletes and stakeholders, that will help amplify the list announcements and create engagement with sports audiences globally. With the overarching aim of increasing global awareness and engagement across all three 50MM list announcements, SportsPro will see all content actively promoted to Story10’s global distribution network of media outlets across broadcast, digital and social.  

Paul Guest, Commercial Director of SportsPro Media, said “Once again, our annual benchmark for athlete, brand and property marketability will provide a data-driven insight for key stakeholders throughout the sports industry, whilst also being the source for heated debates amongst sports fans globally. Purpose-led authentic storytelling is becoming essential for marketability. Story10s ability to drive engagement with their global media network will ensure those stories are engaged with by an even larger audience this year.”

James Dobbs, Managing Director of Story10’s parent company SNTV, said “SportsPro's ‘50MM’ is a real barometer of an athletes global standing and the addition of categories for brands and properties is an indicator of where the value in sport now lies. Whilst undoubtedly a key resource for marketeers, sports fans are equally keen to see if their team or hero has made the grade, and with Story10's ability to deliver a globally engaged audience, this year's lists will deliver greater awareness and engagement than ever before.”

Learn more about SportsPro and their 50 Most Marketable (50MM) platform here.

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